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Fluval SEA

  • LED Lighting

    LED Lighting

    Fluval SEA Marine & Reef LED lighting incorporates 6 unique LED band widths and up to 692 individual LEDs, including essential actinic blue wavelengths and key spectral reinforcement to provide a balanced combination for optimal coral photosynthetic activity, … view products

  • Marine & Reef Salt

    Marine & Reef Salt

    Fluval Sea Marine & Reef  Salt is a top quality reef salt with no unwanted impurities that creates an optimal ocean-like aquarium environment for corals, other invertebrates and fish to thrive in. It contains all essential trace elements, ensuring that … view products

  • Marine Supplements

    Marine Supplements

    Fluval SEA Marine Supplements are specially formulated to cater for all types of marine corals, SPS, LPS or soft corals. Fluval SEA supplements come in 3 sizes 237ml, 473ml and 2L. view products

  • Circulation Pumps

    Circulation Pumps

    The Fluval Sea Circulation Pump range has a compact and innovative design to minimise tank intrusion, maximise energy efficiency and deliver a smooth broad stream of ocean-like current. These efficient circulation pumps are easy to install and provide outstanding … view products

  • Protein Skimmer

    Protein Skimmer

    Fluval Sea Internal Protein Skimmer’s relatively small size and ultra-silent performance delivers an astoundingly large amount of organic removal. The skimmer provides what every marine aquarium requires–pure reef-like water conditions. The skimmer … view products

  • Aquarium Pumps

    Aquarium Pumps

    The Fluval Sea Sump Pumps deliver powerful performance to ensure outstanding water flow for sump-equipped marine systems. This high-quality, energy-efficient, magnetically-driven pump can be plumbed in or out of a sump. Rugged and certified for marine use, this … view products

  • Aquatic Epoxy Stick

    Aquatic Epoxy Stick

    Fluval Sea Aquatic Epoxy Stick provides exceptional bonding strength in a variety of aquascaping applications, including attaching rock structures, corals and certain aquatic plants to decorative surfaces. The epoxy is designed for use in freshwater and marine … view products

Introducing new Fluval SEA, a remarkably high quality line of exceptional products for salt water aquariums. As an extension of the Fluval range, the name people have been trusting in the aquatic market for over 30 years, Fluval SEA offers superior quality products delivering a range of aquatic solutions for every marine enthusiast.

The wide variety of products available from Fluval SEA include:

· LED Lighting

· Marine & Reef Salt

· Marine Supplements

· Circulation Pumps

· Protein Skimmer

· Aquarium Pumps

· Aquatic Epoxy Stick

Take a look around our website to find out more about what this brand has to offer.