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Aquarium Lighting

Buy Fish tank lights and aquarium lighting units, including LED lighting, spare bulbs and reflectors from leading brands such as Boyu, Hagen, Aquaworld and Arcadia Plus. All too often an afterthought when setting up a fish tank, the right aquarium lighting can dramatically enhance the radiance of the underwater ecosystem thriving inside your tank.

Fish Tank Lights

Swallow Aquatics offers a wide range of fish tank lights and aquarium lighting, catering to marine, cold water and tropical fish tanks of all shapes and sizes. Whether you require LED aquarium lighting, T5 fish tank lighting, tube lighting, clip on lights, reflectors or spare bulbs, we can help.

Our LED aquarium lighting units are suitable for coral and marine fish tanks, offering a good balance between style and economy. More and more customers are now looking for LED lights for aquariums, as the low energy consumption of LED fish tank lights makes them highly cost-effective. Be sure to also check out our range of LED spotlights for planted tanks, to bring your aquarium plants to life!

We stock lighting units from all the leading manufacturers, including Boyu, Hagen, Fluval and Tetra.

Marine enthusiasts, make sure be sure you visit our marine lighting page.