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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas; and any pet lover will tell you that their furry and feathered friends are bona fide members of the family. With that in mind, our pets deserve a few gifts come Christmas Day – especially seeing as they provide us with such joy and unconditional love all year round.

This round up of some of our favourite toys and tasty treats is sure to help your pets get into the festive spirit!

1. Christmas Dog Stocking


This stocking is a great option if you want your pooch to enjoy a few different treats, as there’s lots to enjoy in just one package. Alongside chocolate drops – dog-friendly ones, of course – there’s some turkey and cranberry bones, a tree-shaped treat, and a squeaky toy.

And if your pet is of the feline variety, the kitty version is sure to be a winner – you may even find that your cat sends some rare affection your way. It includes catnip biscuits and drops, salmon flavoured treats, and a few toys.

2. Cat Treat Ball


If your kitty is in need of a little exercise – and hey, aren’t we all by the time New Year’s Day rolls around – then this treat ball is ideal. As the ball is rolled around, it dispenses treats, keeping your cat entertained and engaged for ages and allowing them to enjoy treats in a healthy way.

3. Bird Mirror

Bird Mirror

Who’s a pretty boy then? These mirrors are bound to keep your bird well entertained. Being able to see their reflection may encourage them to sing, though we can’t promise they’ll belt out any Christmas hits!

4. Goofy Grin Dog Toy


This toy is bound to entertain you as much as it does your dog! The cuddly lip design will raise a smile in even the most Scrooge-like of your relatives.

5. Apple Peanut Feeder


Most of us who love pets, love wildlife too – and this adorable apple-shaped bird feeder will both brighten up your garden and offer your feathered visitors a much-needed bite to eat.

6. Wooden Bird Swing


Transform your birdcage into a playground with this fun swing toy. The wooden base makes it easy for your birds to manoeuvre about on the swing, and they’ll be able to explore more of their enclosure while getting some exercise.

7. Christmas Cracker Dog Treat

Your pooch can join in with the fun when dinner time rolls around, with his very own special cracker-shaped rawhide treat. This one might not go bang, but your furry friend will enjoy it all the same!

8. Strawberry Cuttlebone


Your bird will love this strawberry flavoured cuttlebone, which contains calcium and phosphorous that will help to keep their bones healthy. The cuttlebone also works to ensure your bird’s beak and claws stay trim, too.

9. Christmas Smiley Plush Tennis Ball

xmas2725Make fetch feel more festive with these fun balls, complete with Santa hats! There are plenty of colours to choose from – blue, green, grey, orange, purple, red or yellow. Why not get a whole rainbow of toys and make this Christmas your dog’s best one yet?

10. Coloured Stick Stack Bird Toy


This brightly coloured stack of free spinning wood features a bell, so you’ll be able to enjoy the tinkling of jingle bells from your bird’s enclosure while they enjoy their new toy! We can’t promise their rendition will be in tune, though…

11. Rawhide Christmas Dog Treat


These adorable treats are designed to hang on your Christmas tree, and are available in a range of shapes such as stars and trees, featuring festive red and green detailing.

12. Three Festive Mice Toys


Featuring three toys in festive red, white and green, these mice will help your kitty to have a purr-fect Christmas. A great choice if you’ve got a few feline friends to purchase for!

13. Choc Allsorts

Every good pet owner knows that despite the fact that many of them love eating it, normal chocolate is not good for dogs. However, this box of chocolate allsorts made especially for pooches will allow them to indulge in their favourite treat without causing any harm.

Packed with chocolate drops, milk drops, a chocolate-flavour chew and a chocolate tennis ball, your dog may feel like all their Christmases have come at once!

14. Rawhide Chewy Shoes


If you often find that your slippers are reduced to shreds by your pooch pal, then why not get your dog some shoes that are designed to be chewed on? That way you can enjoy wearing the new pair that you receive for Christmas without any holes appearing in them – at least, until your dog finishes their treat, anyway!

15. Cat Wands


These wands are sure to create a little Christmas magic! Featuring a range of creatures including fish, mice and birds, these adorable toys allow you to enjoy lots of play time with your cat. The wands also include feathers and bells to spark your kitty’s interest.


I hope that these suggestions have sparked some ideas for how you can treat your pets this Christmas time. There are tons of toys and treats to choose from, so no matter what your pet’s personal taste, you’re bound to find something that will ensure they have a fantastic Christmas alongside the rest of the family.

Whatever you choose for your pet, ensure that you purchase from a reputable supplier to make sure that your gifts are safe for your pet to play with or eat, and supervise your pet with their toys as closely as possible.

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you enjoy with your pets? Let us know in the comments!

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