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21 Best Fish Tank Ornaments of 2015

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21 Best Fish Tank Ornaments of 2015

When was the last time you treated your tank to a new ornament? Just like with the rooms in our homes, it’s nice to spruce up our aquariums every now and again and give the space a new lease of life – and your fish will love exploring a new decoration just as much as you’ll love looking at it.

Whether you’re setting up a brand new tank, or you want to give your trusty old aquarium a new look, we’ve listed our top 21 fish tank ornaments for 2015. Ranging from ornaments that offer a natural look, to replicas of beloved TV show characters, and even pieces that glow in the dark, there really is something for everyone!

1. Fluval Chi Aquarium Waterfall Mountain Ornament Decoration


If one of the main reasons that you set up your fish tank in the first place was to create a relaxing space that connects you with nature, then this ornament is ideal. Designed to fit into the filter cube at the top of your tank, the ornament allows water to flow through it, offering a beautiful feature and the pretty sounds of tinkling water.

2. Squidward: Spongebob Squarepants Aquarium Ornament


If you’ve got any little ones in your home – or you’re just a big kid at heart – then this official Spongebob Squarepants merchandise will be just the ticket to inject a little fun into your aquarium. All together now: “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea…”

3. Wizards Castle Aquarium Ornament Decoration


If you still haven’t received your letter from Hogwarts, then this medieval castle will allow you to create your own magical underwater wizarding world while you wait for your owl to arrive. With its olde-worlde look, it’s also a great option for would-be knights. Arise, Sir Swimalot…

4. Ruin Arches Aquarium Ornament Decoration


Offering a similarly mystical feel to the Wizards Castle, this tumbled down building conjures up images of the famed underwater city of Atlantis. It would also work brilliantly if you’re going for an Ancient Grecian or Roman look in your tank. The ornament also features archways that your fish can explore!

5. Open Cave Aquarium Ornament Decoration


Fish can also explore and hide in this open cave, while you can enjoy the natural look that it will offer your aquarium.

6. Police Box Aquarium Ornament Decoration


Take a step back in time with this police box, which looks as though it has been lost at sea for quite a while. We’re pretty sure that it’s bigger on the inside, but you’ll have to ask your fish to take a look for you…

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Master Splinter Aquarium Ornament


Sticking with the TV theme, fans of the heroes in a half shell can relive the glory days of children’s television with this ornament of Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you want to complete the set, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo are all also available in aquarium ornament form. Cowabunga!

8. Galleon Ship Wreck Aquarium Ornament Decoration


This beautifully detailed, ghostly shipwreck ornament features realistic rocks and holes that your fish can explore. You can capture the mysterious, otherworldly nature of a ship that has been taken over by the sea in your very own tank.

9. Artificial Soft Coral Ornament

$_35 (1)

If you love coral but aren’t yet up to the challenge of growing your own, then this gorgeous ornament will allow you to add a pop of colour to your tank, with no complicated maintenance required!

10. China Great Wall Large Aquarium Ornament Decoration


Let your fish explore the globe by bringing one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China, to their very own tank! The holes and archways will allow the fish to interact with the ornament, too, making it as interesting for them as it is for you.

11. Fluval Chi Lily Pad & Grass Aquarium Ornament Decoration


If you’re looking to create a delicate, beautiful aquarium, then this ornament is ideal. Designed to fit inside the plant box at the bottom of your aquarium, this lily pad and grass decoration really is stunning, not to mention incredibly stylish.

12. Marina Aquarium Ornament Fossil Pterodactyl

$_35 (2)Whether you’re a history buff or a Jurassic Park superfan, this realistic fossil ornament will allow you to transform your tank into a palaeontologist’s dream. The ornament has been meticulously replicated from a real rock, and looks fantastically realistic.

13. Telephone Box Aquarium Ornament Decoration


This iconic old English red telephone box will look fantastic in an aquarium that’s been styled to look like a submerged London. Your fish can explore the ruin, though unfortunately the telephone lines will no longer be in operation…

14. Zombie Fish Skeleton Glow In The Dark Aquarium Ornament


The zombie apocalypse really is coming, but forget The Walking Dead – these zombies are swimming! This fun ornament is brilliant to give your tank a spooky look for Halloween, especially as it glows in the dark.

15. Broken Barrel Aquarium Ornament Decoration


With holes for your fish to explore and swim through, this realistic broken barrel decoration has a distinctly pirate-y look.

16. Bell Poly Resin Aquarium Ornament Decoration


This distressed bell ornament looks so realistic that you could almost hear its ghostly toll… Featuring moss, limpets and a cord, the bell also has holes that small fish can swim through.

17. Stacked Pebbles Aquarium Ornament Decoration


This realistic stack of pebbles offers a natural look, providing subtle decoration and a complimentary backdrop that allows your fish to be the stars of the show.

18. Open Clam Poly Resin Aquarium Ornament Decoration


This colourful clam looks like the perfect hideaway for a miniature mermaid, and will be a charming addition to any tank. Fish will love hiding and exploring in the shell.

19. Medium Pirate Ship Aquarium Ornament Decoration


Another ship to add to our collection, but this time its Long John Silver and his marauding seamates whose ship has wandered into dangerous waters. Your fish will have to let you know if they find any booty!

20. Boyu Ornament - Orange Star Fish 10x8x5cm


This fun, artificial starfish will add a pop of colour to your tank, and its dancing pose is sure to put a smile on your face!

21. Hagen Black Driftwood With Moss Aquarium Ornament Decoration


Offering an incredibly realistic look, this driftwood replica also features moss that feels like the real thing. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a hiding place for the inhabitants of your tank, and because it’s artificial it won’t fade over time, or require much maintenance.



We hope that you’ve found some inspiration in our round up of our 21 top fish tank ornaments for this year. If you haven’t quite found the right ornament for you, why not browse our website? We’ve got dozens more ornaments to choose from on there, from hyper realistic artificial plants to wonderfully wacky decorations. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure we can help!

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