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World recognized experts in innovative lighting solutions for animal keeping, with products used by some of the world’s most distinguished display aquariums.

Arcadia is the world leader in aquarium lighting systems, thanks to their consistent innovation and unparalleled commitment to quality and efficiency.

The Expert’s Choice

Arcadia recognizes the value of precision and accuracy when constructing lighting that is safe for your reptiles, birds or fish.

Arcadia’s reputation stretches all over the globe with their products used to light up some of the world’s most famous display aquariums. With a dedicated team of experienced aquarists, lighting experts and water engineers at the helm, Arcadia is a brand you can trust.

Whether you’re looking for a warm UVB lighting system for your reptile terrarium or water proof LED lights for your fish tank, Arcadia have a product to suit every situation.

Need More Help?

If you’re unsure which lighting systems are best suited for illuminating your pet’s home, don’t despair. Instead contact us for friendly advice and support regarding the best possible solution to your problem.