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King British offer a range of nutritional and healthy fish food products specifically designed to supplement natural feeding habits.

Pet Industry ‘Manufacturer of the year’ award winners, King British are a market leading brand with products manufactured and sold throughout the UK.

The Royalty of the Fish World

A brand that is clearly proud of its roots and steeped in aquaculture heritage, King British source only the finest ingredients from local resources to create a range of products that ensure your fish are looked after in the best possible way.

Based in Lincolnshire, King British have over 30 years experience and offer an extensive range of tried and tested products designed to maximise the life span of your fish by keeping them healthy and nutritionally satisfied.

King British not only look after your fish’s diet with a superior range of top quality fish food products, but also look after your fish’s general health with products specifically developed to treat bacterial infections, protect damaged tissue and provide proper water conditions for your fish to thrive in.