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Marine Fish Tanks

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Our range includes nano aquariums, complete aquarium kits, small, medium and large aquariums.

Explore our range of quality marine fish tanks for sale. Whether you’re after a tank that is great value for money, one that is stylish and chic or a large marine fish tank for more advanced fish keeping, Swallow Aquatics has something for you.

Cheap Marine Fish Tanks For Sale

Create a beautiful and unique home for your marine fish and watch them eloquently swim in waters from awe-inspiring angles. Swallow Aquatics stocks tanks big or small with design innovation that will suit any marine or aquarium species.

We also stock marine fish tanks for beginners and offer some of the most competitive prices you’ll find anywhere.

Choosing a Marine Fish Tank

Before choosing a marine fish tank, it is best to first decide what you would like to put in it. Different fish species have different minimum requirements in terms of tank size and the equipment required, which usually includes rocks, skimmers, marine salts, substrates, pumps and filters.

Our Marine Fish Species

Swallow Aquatics offer a huge range of marine fish species suitable for beginners right through to advanced fish keepers. Some of the species in our marine fish range include:

Angelfish Clownfish Hawkfish Rays
Anthias Dartfish Hogfish Scorpionfish
Bass Dragonets Jawfish Squirrelfish
Batfish Eels Lionfish Snappers
Blennies Filefish Parrotfish Tangs
Blowfish Frogfish Pipefish Tilefish
Butterflyfish Goatfish Pseudochromis Triggerfish
Cardinalfish Gobies Pufferfish Wrasse