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Water Testing Kits

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Ensure your fish have the best possible water quality with our range of marine aquarium water testing kits.

Swallow Aquatics offers a large range of water testing kits specifically designed for marine aquariums. We stock lab quality complete test kits as well as magnesium, calcium, ammonia and nitrate tests. Our key brands include Fluval, JBL and Tetra.

Marine Aquarium Test Kits

One of the most important elements of successful marine fish keeping is good water quality. Marine life that is over or under exposed to certain elements in the water can suffer very detrimental effects:

  • Marine fish that are consistently exposed to even the smallest levels of nitrate can suffer from ill health and even die.
  • Corals that are not exposed to enough KH will have their growth stunted and can also potentially wither and perish.
  • Aquarium plants that lack a regular supply of trace minerals, including iron, will become stunted and potentially die over time.

We stock test kits that can measure all the important elements that determine good water quality for marine fish keeping.

Our selection of test kits can measure: