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Your cat will love our range of cat beds, cat food, litter trays, cat carriers, scratching posts, toys and much more.

Everyone knows that cats are discerning, sometimes fussy creatures who demand only the best! Fortunately Swallow Aquatics can meet your cat’s demand for quality, while meeting your demand of paying only the best possible prices.

Cat Beds, Cat Scratching Posts and Toys

We have everything your cat needs for both rest and play. Our range of cat beds includes radiator beds, foam beds, and a range of cute novelty beds. To ensure your cat stays active, we also have a huge selection of fun toys and scratching equipment, including scratching posts, boards and pads.

Cat Food and Litter Trays

Swallow Aquatics can help you save big £££ by ordering your cat food, cat litter and cat litter trays online – we offer fast UK-wide delivery straight to your door. Our range of food and litter trays come from well known brands, such as Armitage, Hagen, Meowing Heads and Johnsons.

Cat Carriers

Our range of sturdy, lightweight cat carriers and cages are ideal for trips to the vet or for any other journeys your feline friend needs to make. We even stock some very chic cat carry handbags – Paris Hilton eat your heart out!