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Pond Liners

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Here you'll find PVC and rubber garden pond liners, preformed garden fish ponds, liner underlay and liner repair kits. We offer liners from top brands, such as Aquacare and Oase.

Pond Liners

A pond liner forms the foundation of your pond and has several important roles: it prevents valuable water from soaking into the ground below, it thwarts unwelcome plants and weeds from growing around your pond’s edges, and it also helps your pond’s water stay crystal clear.

Swallow Aquatics have a wide array of liners available and your choice will largely depend on your specific needs.

Choosing the Right Type of Pond Liner

Rubber Liners are ideal for most applications, since they are extremely durable and can sustain extremes in temperature without perishing. Since PVC can become brittle over time, rubber liners are ideal for ponds containing fish and other aquatic wildlife - you don’t want to disturb their habitat once they have migrated to your pond by regularly changing the liner.

PVC Liners are great for small- to medium- sized garden ponds that aren’t home to various flora and fauna. PVC liners are inexpensive and easy to lay because of their physical flexibility.

Liner Underlay should be laid underneath most thin rubber and PVC liners to prevent nearby tree roots from causing punctures. It also plays a role in keeping the subsoil stable and compacted.

UV Stabilised Liners protect the liner from long-term degradation from excessive exposure to UV sunlight. If your pond is going to be frequently exposed to direct sunlight, you should strongly consider purchasing a liner that is UV stabilised.

Our pond liners come in a range of thicknesses, shapes and sizes and we also stock liner repair kits and sealers.

Pond Liner Brands

Our leading brands include: 

  • Aquaworld 
  • Oase