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Pond Pumps

  • Oase Aquarius

    Oase Aquarius

    Oase Aquarius is a popular range of fountain pumps. We offer all Fountain Set models (1000 - 3500) and the Universal range (1000 - 4000). Big discounts too! view products

  • Oase AquaMax Pond Pumps

    Oase AquaMax Pond Pumps

    Oase AquaMax are the most popular pond pumps on the market in the UK, offering an extensive selection of models, from the basic AquaMax Eco Classic to the advanced AquaMax Expert. view products

  • Boyu Fountain Pump

    Boyu Fountain Pump

    Not just for powering fountains, Boyu's range of fountain pumps also feature an outlet for a waterfall and filter. They come in a various sizes from the PQ-120 up to the large SPF 10000. view products

  • Boyu Waterfall Pump

    Boyu Waterfall Pump

    Models in Boyu's range of high powered Waterfall Pumps can handle anywhere between 2,200L to 16,000L. These are great pumps and we offer them at very competitive prices! view products

  • Hozelock AquaForce

    Hozelock AquaForce

    The Hozelock Aquaforce Filter Pump will run any filter and waterfall, or if you want a fountain instead, simply add the guard and attach a fountain nosel. view products

  • Water Feature Pumps

    Water Feature Pumps

    Water feature pumps suitable for indoor or outdoor water features. We offer models suitable for small (300L) and large (1000L) water features. view products

  • Filter & UV Pumps

    Filter & UV Pumps

    Filter, UV and pump combos are popular solutions for small ponds where a convenient all-in-one unit is desirable due to limited space. view products

  • Air Pumps & Accessories

    Air Pumps & Accessories

    Air pumps give your pond that extra oxygen it needs during the warmer months to ensure healthy fish and plenty of good bacteria. view products

  • Pond Pump Spares & Accessories

    Pond Pump Spares & Accessories

    Pond Pump Spares From pond pump spares to impellers, flexible hoses to hose clips, we have all your pond pump accessory needs met at Swallow Aquatics. view products

  • Laguna Powerjet

    Laguna Powerjet

    Laguna Powerjet, new for 2013, is a high performance series of fountain/waterfall pond pumps. Despite being new, we still offer great deals on all models! view products

  • Laguna Powerclear

    Laguna Powerclear

    Laguna PowerClear Multi All in One Pump, Filter and UV unit is the perfect way to combine powerful water movement whilst still being able to create beautiful water features in your pond. Easy to install, with just one cable, PowerClear Multi is the easy way to a … view products

  • Laguna Max-Flo

    Laguna Max-Flo

    We stock all Laguna Max-Flo Waterfall & Filter Pump models from 2200 to 16500. All come Complete with Smart Pump Technology (SMT) for added efficiency. view products

Our range of pond pumps includes solar pumps, air pumps, filters and pumps for water features, water falls and water fountains. Our brands include Gemini, Hozelock, Laguna and Oase.

Do I Need a Pond Pump?

If you want the water in your pond to remain clear, free from stagnation and “pongy” odours, then a pond pump is essential to the health of your aquatic ecosystem. This is doubly true if your pond contains aquatic life, as fish rely on water that is properly circulated to deliver them the oxygen they need for survival.

Choosing the Right Pond Pump

Pond pumps are one of the most important pond supplies, so it’s important to select one that is appropriately suited to your needs.

The first thing you need to do when choosing a pump is to calculate how much water your pond holds, which is known as the “circulation volume”. Once you’ve established this figure, you will need to select a pump that can effectively handle this volume of water.

The second thing to do is to establish which type of pump you require:

Filter Pumps

Filter pumps are designed to remove debris from your pond by transferring water into a pond filter via a pond hose or rigid pipe. These pumps are not an all-in-one unit and require a separate pre-filter.

Filter pumps are an ideal choice for anyone with a pond that is home to aquatic life, as they are specially designed to remove solid matter without harming fish, frogs and plants.

Fountain Pumps

Just as the name suggests, fountain pumps are designed for garden fountains, where they are used to pump water through a fountain head. Most of these pumps come pre-packaged with a variety of fountain pump heads to give you a range of different water display options.

Swallow Aquatics offers both Fixed Fountain Pumps and Floating Fountain Pumps, as well as Jumping Jets which can add another exciting aesthetic element to your pond.

Our Best Selling Pond Pumps

Oase Aquamax Eco

Oase Aquamax Eco is our best selling series of pumps - and for good reason. With perhaps the lowest running costs of any pump on the market today, they are not only highly economical, but also fantastic quality, coming complete with a five year guarantee.

Another great feature is a second inlet to connect a large-surface satellite strainer, which enables intake of polluted water from the pond floor.

Hozelock Aquaforce

The Hozelock Aquaforce range of filter pumps have solids handling capabilities, so are ideal for transporting pond debris to a filter. These pumps require little maintenance and also feature a wildlife protection system, which prevents small fish and frogs being drawn into the pump.

Hozelock Aquaforce pumps come in a series of models, with the model number signifying the number of litres pumped per hour. The Aquaforce 4000 is our best selling pump in this range.

Other brands we regularly stock include Boyu, Gemini and Laguna.