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Frequently Asked Questions

The following service has been prepared with the help and vast experience of Swallow Aquatics team of experts. This page is only a brief introductory sample of the questions we are asked. If you'd like to ask a question please click here

Why don't all your branches stock the same fish, reptiles and other items?

It requires highly trained specialist staff and the correct environment to keep reptiles and other species. For these reasons Swallow Aquatics restricts sales of these animals to those suited to the conditions and staff.

I bought a fish from you and it is now too big for my tank. Will you buy it back?

Although our branches contain large tanks which house 'unwanted' fish, we cannot guarantee that we are able to accept any more large fish. We suggest that you contact your nearest branch and speak directly to the manager there. However, we always give advice and guidance on how large fish grow, and what size tank they will require when fully grown.

Can I buy a fish over the internet?

We are currently researching this issue, speaking to other companies both in the United Kingdom and around the world. We do have plans in place to sell our accessories and other products over the internet in the United Kingdom, but not overseas.

Do you sell fish 'wholesale'?

We do not sell fish on to other retailers, and have no plans to do so. We import from our network of suppliers around the world to buy fish for sale in our own stores.

Can you deliver to my home?

We sell an ever increasing range of items via our online shop, with a £3.95 delivery charge.

However, if your order is over £50 then your order is shipped FREE OF CHARGE. We deliver large and heavy items - such as ponds and tanks - to customers in the local area of each branch, please contact your local branch for further information.

Do you offer Saturday Deliveries?

At present we offer deliveries on Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 5:30pm

Please note: Swallow Aquatics cannot accept any legal responsibility for any action taken in response to answers given in good faith in this FAQ section, but would like to assure our customers and visitors that the answers have been carefully formulated by people who have spent years dealing with the kind of problems we highlight.